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        Quality system

        Adhering to the working philosophy of being objective, rigorous, and realistic, Hangzhou Plastics Industry Co., Ltd.'s quality management office provides quality assurance for the authenticity, integrity, and reliability of testing of finished product and raw and auxiliary materials. In order to give full play to the role of the Quality Management Office, the Quality Management Office is affiliated with the general manager.

        The company has implemented comprehensive quality management since 1981.

        Our company has implemented comprehensive quality management since 1981.

        In 1986, our company was included in the first batch of key enterprises in Zhejiang Province to implement comprehensive quality management and passed the acceptance check that year;

        Our company was certificated to the quality system of ISO9002: 1994 in 1997;

        Our company was certificated to the quality system of ISO9001: 2000 in 2003;

        Our company was certificated to the quality system of ISO9001: 2015 in 2016;

        In May 2017, our company got the ISO15378: 2011 quality management system certification for medicinal packaging materials;

        Our company was certificated to ISO15378: 2017 quality management system certification for medicinal packaging materials in 2018;

        Our company established a complete quality assurance system in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO15378. Internal audits are conducted annually, and supervised and inspected by third parties; whole system updates every 3 years.

        Our company strictly complies with the requirements of the management system, and focuses on customers' demands'; starting from the perspective of product quality requirements, we are committed to making customers satisfied and continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system. Under the leadership of Chairman Yang Yegen and General Manager Yang Deming, we made such company's quality policy of "first-class quality, first-class service, eternal pursuit"; at the same time, we set our quality goals as: strive to reach the international level, maintain domestic leadership, and meet customer's requirements.

        "Quality first, customer first" is the consensus of all employees of Hangsu to meet customers' requirements to the greatest extent. In particular, management's awareness and implementation of this ideology have established a model of good quality awareness for all employees of the company.

        There is a group of highly responsible and professional quality inspection personnel who carry out daily analysis and testing to meet the specifications of different customers. We now have multiple high-performance gas chromatographs, infrared spectrophotometers, multiple high-barrier material infrared water vapor transmission measuring instruments, high-precision oxygen transmission measuring instruments, infrared spectrum testers; moreover, our laboratory is equipped with a microbiological testing room. We also hire highly educated analysts to undertake the development and verification of new methods, and all documents and records are in an orderly control state.

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