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        R & D Center

        "Hangzhou Plastics Industry Co., Ltd. R & D Center" is a research and development institution under Hangzhou Plastics Industry Co., Ltd., and was established in December 2013. In order to ensure the efficient execution of various tasks, our R & D center is headed by the general manager of our company. Our center currently has nearly 50 full-time R & D technicians (more than 70% of them are bachelor's degree or above), more than 1,000 square meters of research space and nearly CNY 10 million research assets; the focus of our work is to provide technical support for the company's development, the and the goal of our work is to continuously develop new products to strengthen the market competitiveness and development potential of our company. Since the establishment of the R & D center, nearly 10 new products have been launched every year according to market demand, which has strongly ensured that our company has a firm foothold and enjoyable development in the cruel market competition.

        Our R & D Center has gathered a group of technical personnel who have many years of working experience in the industry, built a benign team structure with different ages and complementary professional advantages; thus this team has a strong sense of innovation, attaches great importance to the R & D work of the center; there is a nmber of advanced small test, pilot test and testing equipment in our center now.

        In the development process, our R & D center emphasizes market awareness, overall awareness, efficiency awareness, innovation awareness and intellectual property protection awareness; we are not working for its own profit; referring to the successful cases of famous technology centers at home and abroad and the operation experience of innovation mechanism of the engineering center during the construction period, our center has made major breakthroughs in the operating mechanism, incentive mechanism and other aspects to form a set of efficient technological innovation mechanism. Led by our R & D Center, our company has applied for 2 invention patents and dozens of utility model patents to protect intellectual property rights.

        Up to now, our R & D center has established industry-university-research alliances with many well-known colleges, research institutions, and large enterprises; we are focusing on the introduction and training of various professional and technical personnel, and working hard to establish a high-quality scientific research and development team; at the same time, our center cooperates with national academic institutions and industry authorities inside and outside the province and links with the competent authority of industry; thus we rank a leading position in collecting industry and new product information.

        Our R & D center makes full use of and relies on the existing scientific research, talent advantages and basic conditions of the unit, through the self-funding of the company and government's support, we use the company as a carrier and rely on the company's financial and technological advantages to cultivate a "center" and use the engineering promotion of the "center" research resuits to obtain stable benefits. During the construction period, we rely on the support of the unit to form part of the revenue, follow the laws of the market economy, and take our own advantages to undertake engineering research and development tasks for related industries and enterprises. Through the transformation of technological achievements, product development and sales, and high-level technical services, we gradually realize a virtuous circle of scientific research, development, products and markets. In the later stages of construction, we will rely entirely on our own benefits to support the rolling development of "center", and create benefits for the "center" through technical services, information consulting, and talent training.

        The cost of our R & D center is calculated separately, and the funds required each year are included in the corporate financial annual budget. Our company's management clearly requires that the annual R & D investment is not less than 3% of the company's annual output value, which effectively ensures that the various tasks of the R & D center can be completed on time and with high quality.

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